Funding Continuity Day - Sesión FIWARE

In these troubled times that have demanded drastic changes in our way of working, socializing and in general living, we have had to adapt and find new ways of carrying out our tasks. Teleconmuting has been imposed on multiple companies and public bodies as a way to prevent contagion and in turn be able to continue to be productive. Unfortunately, in many cases, there was no prior corporate infrastructure to maintain performance and to guarantee the security, privacy of both workers and the data they manage.

For the most part forced teleconmuting has been a success, many companies and organizations have been able to maintain productivity and overcome difficulties, generally using a mixture of pre-existing tools and processes together with a series of "free" or "freemium" tools and services that made easier to follow task assignements, face-to-face communication, etc. Email has been used more intensively as well as group chat tools whatsapp, slack, hangouts, etc. And we have adopted meets, zoom, teams, etc., as part of our day-to-day to hold team meetings or even with clients and suppliers, and trello and similar tools for the management of tasks within the team. But now once we slowly start to enter the new normal

For the most part forced teleworking has been a success

The main points that I think we should evaluate are:

  • Security and privacy, can the data we provide be commercialized? Do they reach third parties? What terms and conditions have we "signed" to use these services, are these terms compatible with our internal policies?
  • Corporate image, with the tools used, what image do you project of our company towards our employees and our clients?
  • If you have opted for payment tools or services, what is the real investment that has been made and what is the total cost in the future? I suppose a vendor lock, will it be difficult to change if another tool or service is better suited to my needs in the future?

Once the evaluation is done, we must decide what is going to stay as part of our set of tools and services for teleworking, and which should be replaced. As well as if there is any other service or tool that may be interesting to add to the set.

If you want to know more next June 25, I have been invited to the Funding Continuity Day to talk about how OpenVidu and FIWARE are going to facilitate the implementation of the "new normal" after this period of health emergency, you can sign up here: