Naeva Tec Exhibitor in the Smart Country Convention 2019 (Berlin)

Naeva Tec as part of the FIWARE Foundation will be part of the Smart Country Convention 2019 Berlin. We will be there demonstrating how you can take advantage of the already available cameras deployed arround a country such as security cameras or traffic cameras by making them providers of IoT like data of different nature. 

The cameras are already set and working, some of them just provide the real-time footage for monitoring purpouses, others even record the images, but most of them just do that. With OpenVidu and Kurento you may apply filters to those images in real time to process the images and gather relevant information. Then this information can be sent to Orion a context broker, the core of the FIWARE environment, and consumed by other systems or applications. 

What information can you gather from a camera?

Think which information your operators are gathering looking the footage, you may detect border or limits trespasing, people gathered at an risky place, cars accessing to a restricted zone, or just a cars of a given color. Imagination is the limit! By using Openvidu + Kurento you may focus in the what, and Openvidu + Kurento tandem will manage and simplify all the specifics about the media management, it will apply your custom made filter to each frame of video, and would manage the events rised. From a developing point of view you will be focusing on the 10% of code really important to your business while the 90% is already writen and working under an Open Source license. 

Do you want to check how this work? Come to booth 605 at the Smart Country Convention and talk to our experts and see how we can help you.