KurentoNaeva Tec has a great experience and knowledge about audiovisual communications over the Internet and on mobile environments. We have embodied this kowledge and expertise in the Kurento initiative. We have implemented in Kurento Media Server the basic AV communications infrastructure for Internet, Web, mobile apps and WebRTC. We have alsoimplemented frameworks to build Kurento communications applications for all major platforms: Web, Javascript, Android, iOS

All Kurento product family is available as open source software, so anyone can tackle the task of implementing new services based on Kurento. However, Naeva Tec offers expertise in all Kurento platform and communications involving A/V in internet and mobility for any customer who wants to address any custom development on Kurento.

Naeva Tec can perform the analysis of customer needs, propose a technical solution based on Kurento, and perform all phases of design, development, testing to get a service that meets customer expectations and always with highest quality standards and effectiveness.

Our service offering inclues:

  • Turn key projects suited to the customer needs.
  • Consulting services for the design, implementation and productin deployment of Kurento services.
  • Custom Kurento components development that may be plugged on Kurento Media Server.
  • Integration of Kurento application infrastructure services with IT customer services, so that the multimedia communication services are a service within the IT infrastructure of the customer.
  • Development of specific computer vision and augmented reality infrastructure using Kurento.