Naeva Tec provides support services and maintenance Kurento in the most appropriate to the needs of the client types: 8x5, 24x7 and custom models tailored to customer requirements.

Additionally, the service support and maintenance Kurento can integrate into supply comprehensive support Naeva Tec that allows a client completely unconcerned with the Kurento infrastructure. Naeva Tec is responsible for supporting the entire set from the hardware, operating system and database software to Kurento elements of infrastructure. Naeva Tec deploys monitoring and surveillance infrastructure that enables support teams Tec Naeva be promptly informed of the status of the whole platform and to be alerted early to abnormal situations even before involving a loss of service and that customers are affected. It also has a historical record of the state of the platform to perform post-mortem analysis of incidences and reach conclusions that allow them to try to prevent incidents occurring in the future.