Infraestructura de servicio IT

IT infraestructura is ate the core of all business services: voice, data security and videoconferencing are just some examples. Naeva Tec helps you to plan and manage those critical services.

Our technological solution allows our customers to optimze their infraestructura investment in a simple and reliable way. You can check in for just the resources you really need and take advantage of Cloud Computing services to lower your IT costs without risking your data and service availability.

Moreover, Naeva Tec IT infraestructrure management solutions allow you to monitor your services activity allowing to easily detect and fix bottlenecks, risks, and oportunities.

With our advanced network interface you will know the status of your network at a glance to your console screen.: from your servers and lines status to traffic and web pages statistics.

Our visión is to provide an integral support service, whose scope covers all the IT infraestructure, from hardware elements, O.S. and base software to application elements that provide the ultimate service. We provide a support framework that allows us to visualize the whole system status in every momento and to receive alarms as soon an anomal function is detected. So, our support team has all status information about all components at any time, making it posible to visualize complete services status and to take a complete snapshot to help diagnosing any anomaly in an efficient way.