WebRTC / Videocomunicaciones IP

Beyond mobile phones, we are currently engaged in a new communications revolution. WebRTC is an emerging standard that realizes the promise of making ubiquitous communications multimeda. Any user with a simple equipment such as a tablet or a smartphone will be able to make voice calls or video calls high-quality interoperable way with other users with similar equipment and all over the Internet.

The vision we have in Naeva Tec goes beyond simple (video) calls between people, the idea is that with proper infrastructure companies can provide advanced services accessible as simple (video) called WebRTC. To this end we have developed the technology Kurento.

Kurento Media Server is the ideal solution for easily developing infrastructure, and provide an efficient and scalable voice and video communications services:

  • Video private multiconfrerencias between multiple networks
  • Web screen sharing and recording. Allows building advanced collaboration services on web and mobile
  • Gateways between existing networks (IMS, SIP, PSTN, ...) and WebRTC based networks. Your mobile apps can embed voice capabilities to communicate with your existing services call center, IVR, customer service without.
  • (Video)Call centers accessible from mobile apps, Tablets, web, …
  • (Video)emergency care, also accessible from mobile apps, tablets, web,…
  • Video surveillance services by integrating computer vision and augmented reality in real time from fixed cameras, webcams, mobile phones ….
  • And generally any communications service involving audio and video in real time



From Tec Naeva we can provide the right solution to your needs based on Kurento technology.