Compartición de escritorio Web

WebRTC is a versatile technology that allows much more than simple video call between Web browsers. It enables advanced features such as web desktop sharing through a video channel. When this capability is combined with a powerful server infrastructure such as Kurento, it is possible to build advanced collaboration services where multiple users can work together from their PC, Tablet or smartphone in a conference call with audio and video. And, in which each particpant can share his screen with the others. This allows a variety of applications:

  • Distributed meeting services where the only infrastructure needed is a web browser or a tablet. The participants can establish a video-conference between all of them which they can also add the image on the screen of any of them
  • Education and Remote Assistance, where all students can connect with a simple tablet or even a smartphone and the teacher can directly show to their mobile devices his computer screen with the information, the video of his live presentation, videos relating to the matter, etc.. Besides all this information can be recordedfor later exploitation.

In Naeva Tec and starting from Kurento infrastructure we have developed a desktop shatring and recording system through the web that make these use cases a reality. This product allows you to:

  • Video communication among all participants in a meeting.
  • Trivial Infrastructure for participants: a Web browser with WebRTC support is sufficient.
  • Ability of any participant to share his desktop screen with the others.
  • Recording the session on demand, including both videos broadcasted by participants as videos with shared dektops.