Video marketing digital

The market for advertising and marketing is a very aggressive industry where innovation is a need to impact on potential customers and differentiate themselves from other brands. Specifically the ability to use video technologies as well as engage the potential customer in advertising experience is a line in which many advertisers want to have solutions. And this is where technology can provide valuable innovations. Kurento is the technology that can provide the infrastructure to make this not only feasible but easy to build innovative use cases.

Kurento provides basic capabilities to consume and play streaming video in real time on any platform: capturing video from IP cameras, webcams, tablets, etc and play in the most convenient means for the potential customer: displays, desktop PCs, tablet, smartphones, etc. But most important to build video use cases for digital marketing is the ability to analyze, process and enrich video flows in real time. Combining features of computer vision and augmented reality, Kurento can build use cases particularly attractive to advertisers and customers.

Naeva Tec has built on Kurento platform use cases by combining computer vision and augmented reality that are able to provide an immersive experience in the advertising videos and leveraging all Kurento capabilities when using sources of video and play it on the device more appropriate to the potential customer. Contact us for more information on how to implement these solutions to your specific needs

Video Marketing immersion 

The goal is to provide the potential customer with an immersive experience in the advertising video, so that he can feel part of the advertising message. The way is by capturing a video stream in which the potential client shows: IP cameras in a shop window, webcams, and even the camera of his smartphone, remove the background image leaving only the potential customer and combine real-time video with the advertising message. And the result is offered to the customer in the most appropriate display system: a large screen in a store window, your tablet, your computer The screen, smartphone, etc.

Video Marketing participation

The goal again is to provide the potential customer with an experience in which he feels part of the message. In this case the way is to insert commercial real-time video images to replace certain tags that may lead some participants. As in the previous case, Kurento provides extreme flexibility with regard to the capture and playback of video allowing multiple use cases showcase, mobile apps, web, etc.