ElasTest Horizon2020

Acerca la monitorización a tus tests.

ElasTest es una plataforma para simplificar el testing end to end de sistemas complejos distribuidos. ElasTest ofrece las funcionalidades más deseadas por los testers como son: gestion de tests, monitorización del sistema durante el test y obtención de los logs de todos los componentes, navegadores web (todos los navegadores, todas las versiones), analizador de logs...

ElasTest is a tool designed by and for testers. During the 3 years that the ElasTest research & innovation project -funded by the European Commission- was active, testers within the consortium and from outside collaborated to make ElasTest the best tool for testing. They presented their wish list at the beginning of the project and provided their feedback for each release.

ElasTest launched the alfa version autumn 2017 and since then more than 20 versions to add new functionalities and make it very simple and intuitive to use.


Whether you already have a consolidated testing process or you are starting to set it up, ElasTest is the tool to choose. ElasTest provides a Jenkins Plugin so you can integrate the use of many of ElasTest functionalities in your already working pipelines, but also it provides an REST API so you can integrate it from wherever you need. For beginners ElasTest provides a very simple Graphic User Interface that would simplify the use of the tool to run your tests.

Jenkins loves ElasTest

Reduce time to fix bugs

Reduce bug localisation time with ElasTest observability capabilities, log analysis, comparison between executions, etc.

Better time-to-market

Write complex tests in less time with ElasTest support services, reuse test with different conditions and for different objectives.

Improve communication across your team

Testlink integration, session recording, start & pause testing sessions, etc.

In Naeva Tec we believe that testing is the fist step to quality software, and we are ready to set ElasTest for your company and train your team. 

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