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Cloud migration

Cloud represents an opportunity for improvement for the organization of companies' service infrastructure. It allows to adjust the investment and cost to the actual use and the customization of services. At Naeva Tec we have the knowledge and experience to successfully bring your infrastructure and workloads to the cloud so that you can start enjoying the benefits of the cloud.

Cloud optimization

Cloud is vast and constantly improving with new services, cost reduction possibilities and optimization opportunities.  At Naeva Tec we want to help you discover its full potential, minimize costs and maximize the benefit obtained from the use of different services.

Cloud management and operation

To obtain all the benefits the cloud can offer in terms of security, service continuity, availability, etc.  It requires keep abreast with the latest developments.  In Naeva Tec you will find experts always up to date in cloud technologies, and great experience in cloud operations and management.

Naeva Tec accumulates more than ten years of experience in the design, development and management of cloud infrastructures on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which we have complemented with GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Azure. We bring this experience to our clients to successfully face the migration to the cloud and the evolution to maximize the benefits they obtain by deploying their infrastructure in the cloud

Cloud migration

The operation of IT services presents numerous advantages for any company, from the purely economic ones by allowing the expenditure made to be adapted to the use that is actually made of these services, to the operations derived from having a virtually unlimited infrastructure on which to build the services of the company and that it will not limit their growth.

But any migration of services to a cloud infrastructure is a process that must be approached with the greatest guarantees of success. And for this, it is necessary to have knowledge of the cloud to which it is going to migrate and the services it offers, and to design an appropriate migration strategy.

At Naeva Tec we have successfully carried out migrations to the cloud, starting from the design of the strategy, construction of the architecture of elements and communications, development or migration when necessary of software elements and finally their deployment and operation, along with the evolution adapting it to the new services and improvements provided by the cloud service.

Cloud optimization

Once we have the services of our company in the cloud, we already have multiple economic and operational advantages. But at this moment, the need arises to optimize our cloud infrastructure to get the most out of it. This implies both minimizing the costs of our services and maximizing the benefit we obtain by incorporating services to the cloud.

In this sense, the evolution of the cloud has been incorporating continuous improvements. The incorporation of Serverless architectures through the use of Lambdas and docker containers using Kubernetes has allowed to take a step further in cost optimization and operational improvement by allowing the development of functionalities to focus more on their business logic by reuse the entire cloud infrastructure.

However, this evolution is not direct. Even when starting from a cloud infrastructure and considering the migration to serverless, it is necessary to consider elements such as which architecture is the most appropriate, and when migrating or implementing business logic in lambda it is necessary to consider what the language is more suitable considering the impact that the choice can have in terms of performance, maintainability and operations.


The flexibility provided by having our cloud services infrastructure is not incompatible with the most stringent security measures. But it is necessary to consider the security elements throughout the life cycle of the services that we implement in the cloud. It is critical to consider the necessary security elements from the first moment in which we consider the migration to the cloud, in the architecture design, particularly taking into account the design of a networking structure that allows guaranteeing the security of critical assets that will only be accessed to the same users and duly authorized elements. It is essential to consider the security measures to implement for our users or third-party systems accessing our services, implementing secure APIs for example with JWT, deploying user identity systems that provide strong identity guarantees through, for example, 2FA, or integrating with third parties via oAuth. It is also necessary to include preventive measures such as services that proactively monitor access to the service in search of possible improper accesses or attacks that can be blocked before they cause damage.

At Naeva Tec we have obtained the ENS (National Security Scheme) high level certification, the highest certification in the Spanish administration and which in our case covers the operational infrastructure that we have deployed in the cloud and which includes all the above aspects.

Contimuity of service

One of the important advantages of having the infrastructure of services in the cloud is having a virtually unlimited capacity that will allow you to recover the same in cases of service drops taking advantage of the existing infrastructure. But this requires a combination of backup services and policies with the service architecture deployed in such a way that it is simple and above all fast to recover any failed service.

At Naeva Tec we have built this type of solution that allows us to have copies of the backup information, so that it is very simple even in situations of total disaster, to recover the service in a matter of minutes.

Cloud management and operation

In short, the incorporation of a company’s information assets into the cloud today is no longer a decision but a necessity. However, it is essential to have adequate knowledge and experience to face this process with guarantees of success. But once in the cloud, it’s not really the end of the story, it’s the beginning. From this moment on, it is necessary to manage and operate the infrastructure, an operation that has embedded the tasks of optimizing, improving, and evolving said infrastructure, taking advantage of the changes and evolutions that the cloud platform continuously offers.

In this sense, having a partner who knows the cloud platform, who provides the infrastructure with the updates that are incorporated into the cloud platform and who, in short, is capable of maximizing the benefit for the client, is essential to successfully operate our cloud services.

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