Comprehensive Support

Flexible service level

Tailored to customer needs. Naeva Tec can offer 8x5 type SLAs, to support non-critical services during office hours and 24x7, to guarantee the continuity of critical services at any time of the year.

Technical Experts

Support is offered directly through our technical experts. So we can offer you a precise response when you need it.

Data and reports

You can always know the service statistics, and other data that is being monitored, as well as request occasional or periodic reports.

IT infrastructures and systems constitute the backbone of companies and organizations.

For this reason, ensuring their reliability and availability is essential for any company.

Today’s IT systems are made up of a number of interconnected tools, services and infrastructures and in many cases dependent on each other, and these systems are also often integrated into highly distributed environments. This makes these systems very complex. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that the constant incorporation of technology into business processes makes the complexity of the systems grow explosively.

At Naeva Tec we take care of the support of an entire system, from its physical hardware, Operating System, services, applications … This allows us to treat any anomaly from a global perspective that will allow us to carry out more rigorous diagnoses and reach more satisfactory solutions.


The management of support services requires a new paradigm based on automation and integrated processes, covering the failure cycle, from detecting the problem to documenting the solution. All this implemented in an efficient way that allows a reduction in costs. At Naeva Tec we are aware of these needs and we offer automated alarm and motorisation systems so that in the event of any disconnection or degradation in the quality of service, our experts can act immediately.

Multichannel window

It allows the client to access support services through multiple means depending on the circumstances. E-mail allows quick and efficient management of non-urgent problems. The Web Portal provides access to the complete record of activities and offers an overview of the support service and the telephone service allows urgent attention for critical errors.

Reports and service visibility

Naeva Tec makes available to its customers the use of tools so that the customer can know at any time, first hand the status of any of their issues. At the same time, it can also offer periodic reports to the client where the status of the service, main KPIs and other data that the client has requested to monitor from their systems can be appreciated.

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