OpenVidu Incident Response Service

Extraordinary incident response service with 24/7 and NBD (Next Business Day) SLAs, in order to maximise OpenVidu platform availability.

Custom set of alarms

That will alert our OpenVidu experts, who in return will analyse and solve any detected problem.

Periodic surveillance of the monitoring system

To check the health and evolution of the platform.

Immediate attention to client reported issues

We provide their clients with different contact endpoints in case they detect any problem or abnormal situation.


Our support team will monitorise proactively the platform and they will create the necessary alarms to be informed in real time of any issues or abnormal situations. This way the support team will be able to proceed with the corrective actions as soon as they are needed.

On time diagnosis

Diagnosis of issues that may happen on production environments that may impact on user perceived service quality.

First Level intervention

For critical issues response times under 4h and temporal solution or workarround under 24h and permanent solution under 7days.

Active Monitorising System

Monitor the customer OpenVidu Pro infrastructure, thus allowing our support system to act proactively instead of just reacting to customer requests.

Custom Alarm Set

We will setup a series of custom alarms over the monitoring information retrieved from the OpenVidu platform.

Real Time monitorisation

Multichannel window

It allows the client to access support services through multiple means depending on the circumstances. E-mail allows quick and efficient management of non-urgent problems. The Web Portal provides access to the complete record of activities and offers an overview of the support service and the telephone service allows urgent attention for critical errors.

Incident Resolution Times

Level 1 (CRITICAL)

  • Reaction time: 4 hours
  • Temporal resolution: 24h
  • Permanent resolutions: 7 days

Issues preventing business operations or rendering the OpenVidu platform entirely inoperative and when no workarround is possible.

Level 2 (NORMAL)

  • Reaction time: 24 hours
  • Permanent resolutions: 7 days

The Level 2 issues are those affecting 1 or more functionalities and have a reasonable workaround.


0,0024 €

per core and minute 24/7 (200,00€ minimum monthly fee)

0,0006 €

per core and minute NBD (100,00€ minimum monthly fee)


additional work hour. 5h (non-cumulative) working hours included in both plans

We offer two services SLA: 24x7 and NBD. 24x7 entitles the customer to get service any time, NBD -Next Business Day- support.

This incident response service is charged with the following model:

  • Deployment cost (optional): In customer premises or in any cloud provider. Only remote deployment is provided.
  • Monthly rate: it is composed of
    • a variable amount that accounts for service and is charged using the same model that OpenVidu Pro license (a rate per core and minute used in the platform).
    • that variable rate will have a minimum monthly amount that accounts for resources availability

* Service contract is subject to a minimum service period of 6 months. That is, once service is contracted the customer will be user of the service for at least 6 months.

* Service is provided in working hours and days using the time zone and calendar of Madrid, SPAIN.

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