Mensajeria móvil

Communication is the key word for today's world. To meet the needs of a competitive world like today, companies need access to professional and to provide communication tools wherever they are and the situation in which you find in a fast, flexible and above all immediate and almost always with privacy requirements and security far beyond public services currently available in Internet.

Similarly, today, customers of your company are present and reachable through multiple modes of communication, this is a great opportunity to pass on when your messages and receive information from them. But also a great challenge to manage and unify these communications from your company to transform into a single tool that improves the accessibility to its customers over its competitors.

In Naeva Tec we have accumulated a great experience in communications services, from mobile messaging, mobile apps to social networking, we've reflected in the development of projects for our clients and in developing our communications technology Kurento. This experience allows us to provide the best solutions in the field of mobile messaging. Our vision goes far beyond traditional SMS, and includes the ability to manage and coordinate multiple messaging services with a simple objective: to be able to move messages from your business to your customers in the most efficient, safe and affordable way. Wherever they are and in the situation where you are.

The aim is to combine different existing communication services and messaging where customers may be present and manage them as if they were a single service, being able to reach their customers in every possible way:


  • Through messages to social networks
  • Using mobile apps for your business imbibing the ability to receive (and send) message notifications your company
  • And of course, via SMS / MMS, using courier services major carriers messaging and intermediaries.