eHealth emergency communications

In the field of health emergencies and especially pediatric emergency, specific services to facilitate and make more flexible the communication between professionals and between professionals and patients are needed. Allowing agile communications, which may include high-quality multimedia communications such as images, video and video communication always of high quality. Moreover, the crucial factor in this environment is mobility: professionals need to have these tools wherever they are and whenever they need it. Naeva Tec gives medical professionals at the Hospital del Niño Jesus, the very availability of these services at your fingertips on your Smartphone. Using “Kurento Communicator” a product based on Kurento technology, all stakeholders involved in a medical emergency can contact a service that is as simple as whtasapp, allowing sharing images and high-quality videos, and even allowing real-time video communicationsthat allow clinicians to better assess emergencies.

Hospital Niño Jesús