Happy new year 2015

Naeva Tec

Although we are to day January 8, I think it plays to summarize what has been the year 2014 Naeva Tec and expectations and illusions in which we are putting our efforts for 2015.

2014, particularly in Spain had emerged as a full year of difficulties and challengesbut at least for Naeva Tec has proven to be a very positive yearWe continue to grow and expand the range of solutions we offerAs important milestones achieved during 2014 we highlight the following:

  • Kurento positioning as a competitive platform for WebRTC services. As mentioned in previous poststhis year has been particularly active in terms of presence of Kurento in various international fora as the HTML5 Developer Conference in New York or Gstreamer Conference in Dusseldorfwhat has been culminated with several awards, first in the WebRTC Conference in San Jose (California), and soon after in the Paris ConferenceIn addition Kurento has begun to generate strong interest from several international customers for development of products and services with WebRTC production capacities.
  • Expansion and deployment of our messaging platform Kurento Communicator in medical and residential environments. Kurento Communicator is ideal for managing in a completely private and secure communications in a business or organization and is especially suitable in environments where the contents people exchange  may be sensible and it is essential that are only used by properly authorized personnel. In fact medical environments are an ideal use case for Kurento Communicator. This year we added as a client iOS platform and above all we have added the ability to make audio and video calls . Finally, on the occasion of incorporating in nursing homes as a service to the residents we have integrated KurentCommunicator with home automation systems management nursing homes and have incorporated the possibility of interface used in a television for residents . This system will be deployed shortly in production for a chain of nursing homes.
  • Extending the functionality and capabilities of the messaging platform MenTeS of Telefónica Soluciones. For several years we have been developing messaging solutions platform that Telefónica provides to its customers to manage their messaging shipmentsMenTeS. This year we have implemented our vision of making MenTeS a platform of integrated multi channel messaging. The main objective is to provide organizations with a tool that presents all communication channels (SMS, social networks, mobile apps, etc.as a unique and intelligent channel so that the MenTeS system will get moving messages to their destinations using the most appropriate channel in each case (mobile apps, social networking, SMS, etc.).

It has been a difficult 2014 for the logical growth stresses and the efforts that has been necessary to achieve these milestones. We are particularly proud to have consolidated a brilliant technical team that has been able to meet these challenges and bring to fruition.

And 2015, what awaits us? do not know, but we have very clear that we will continue investing in the development of our technology. This 2015 will be a year of a big bet on the Kurenttechnology, which is gradually consolidating as one of the best alternatives for the development of WebRTC services. We are currently in discussions with several international clients who intend to develop projects using the Kurento  and hope that many of these projects see the light in 2015. Also we hope our solution Kurento Communicator will have a remarkable development as a solution virtually plug-and-play especially in medical and nursing homes.First deployment environments in nursing homes will take place in early 2015 and we hope that this experience will show very positive

Happy 2015!!!