Kurento: Best Of Show en WebRTC Conference 2014, Paris

Naeva Tec

Three weeks ago, we had another opportunity to participate in the WebRTC Conference held in Paris. And again this time we saw our award-winning effort with the Best of Show award. This time we had the opportunity to demonstrate a crowd detection service implemented on Kurento within the scope of the FI-Ware EU projectKurentprovides the infrastructure FI-Ware with full functionality for audiovisual communication in real time on the Internet and also provides all the features that make Kurento one of the platforms with the greatest presentWebRTC support dynamic media stream processingapplication services on the audio and video in real time as computer vision, augmented reality, etc.

The service that we presented is implemented within FI-Ware in conjunction with another FI-Ware componentthe Orion Context Broker, and can detect fully automatically crowds of people that occur abruptly and may have relevance to emergency or security services, simply by using IP video cameras.

Again it is encouraging to see the effort invested in making Kurento a leading platform is paying off