Kurento Communicator based Video Communications Solutions

Naeva Tec

Kurento Communicator allows organizations and corporations to implement their mobile communication strategies privately without relying on third party services for exchanged contents. In environments where content privacyis a must, Kurento Communicator is ideal for managing communications infrastructure privately.

Kurento Communicator provides the following capabilities:

  • Instant messaging service between mobile apps with delivery notification.
  • Ability to send additional content such as high quality photos or videos.
  • Possibility of managing communication groups.
  • Synchronization with mobile phonebook.
  • Ability to establish VoIP calls from the mobile app with audio or audio and video.
  • Implements the client in a mobile app available for iOS and Android, and even STB Android for using a TV set as the main interface

But not only Kurento can be used as a private IM systembut as a complete infrastructure of mobile and private communications where not only instant messaging and file sharing is possible, but making VoIP calls both audio and audio + video with very high quality depending on the available bandwidthEven for small and medium enterprises where the cost of traditional video conferencing systems can be prohibitiveKurento Communicator can be used as a lowcost video conferencing system, it is even posiible to deploy video multiconference system using MCU/SFU models combining Kurento Communicator with Kurento Media Server. On this video you can see an example of Kurento Videoconferencing system capabilities (sorry for only having a Spanish version of this video, next time we will try to make it better):

The main point is that the organization can implement its own Kurento Communicator service without relying on any third party serviceKurentcommunicator can be deployed on servers with standard intel architectures and OS LinuxBesides architecture is based on Java EE and Spring so it is highly scalable and depending on the needs can be deployed on a server cluster so that allows access to large volumes of customers.

A very remarkable aspect of Kurento Communicator is its modularity and adaptability. It is feasible to adapt it in a simple way to the specific needs of each organization:

  • A2P services (aplication to person) where service users can communicate not only among them, but also with the services and IT systems in the organization.
  • Adaptable to different terminals and network configurations
  • Integration with the organization users and groups repositories (LDAP for example).