Kurento Communicator at Sanyres nursing homes

Naeva Tec just completed the deployment of Kurento Communicator infrastructure in Loreto nursing home belonging to Grupo Sanyres. This infrastructure provides innovative communications services to resident users, allowing them to communicate with the helpdesk for assitance using the TV set in their room including high-quality video communications. This service improves the immediacy and care given to residents to provide them with a simple to use communication channel, rich and agile. Easing alerting of their care needs and asking for help. At the same time, the support of a high-quality video allows the helpdesk to receive a much more useful and rich information to determine which is the best way to meet the needs of residents. Not forgetting that for the resident, being able to talk and see his doctor any time he needs it, using a simple medium like the TV set in his room is a close and warm care service.

Grupo Sanyres is a leading company in Spain in terms of geriatric and care nursing home services. In its concern to offer the most complete service possible to its users they detected the need to improve communication channels with support services for each residence . In this way it seeks to provide a service closer, agile and with higher quality to their clients. In this regard Kurento Communicator along with customizations made by Naeva Tec provides a service:

  • Extremely easy to use for residents who do not need to use any command or item that they are not used to. To apply they simply use the buttons that already existed in their room. Thereafter the assitant can communicate with him just by calling to be presented on the TV set in his room. For the resident is a better service to have a virtual presence in TV room helpdesk anytime he needs it.
  • Also easy for attendees: equippied with just a simple smartphone they can access the service through a mobile app downloaded on it. This app is Kurento Communicator client element and is customized for Sanyres Group. In this terminal, every request for assistance from residents is received as messages. And from the received message itself they may communicate with the resident. For the assistant is an improvement in mobility because he can receive the message at any point where it is and answer them without having to go to the resident’s room.

Kurento Communicator is the infrastructure developed by Naeva Tec to implement a secure and private communications channel for an organization. It includes services and typical features of any instant messaging service in the mobile and adds the ability to make VoIP calls from the mobile app itself with both audio and audio and video with the highest quality allowed by the available bandwidth by using the WebRTC technology.

In the project made in collaboration with Grupo Sanyres, Naeva Tec has implemented and adapted Kurento Communicator as private communications service in nursing homes, so that it serves as a means of communication between residents from their room and use the TV set as an interface and medical assistants who may be in mobility throughout the home using his smartphone. This implementation is a radical adaptation in which one of the determining factors is that for resident, use should be trivial. In this adaptation we have done the following:

  • Integration with home automation system management Jhonson Controls NAE, making the system of pre-existing switches in the rooms integrated as a message source for Kurento Communicator, in this case to notify the resident of his needs.
  • Kurento Communicator service integration with TV set. This has been one of the most critical tasks of this development, since the use of resident interface should be as trivial as possible and in this case is achieved by making communications submitted to the resident to be presented on the tv set in his room without having to do any action that would not have done before this system. For this, Naeva Tec has integrated the service into a Set-Top-Box associated with the TV that even controls the operation, on and off the TV without the user having to do any action on his part.
  • Adapting assitant mobile app to the look and feel desired by the customer
  • Deployment and configuration environment for private residence with wireless communications distributed throughout the residence.

To summarize, we include a video of the results we have deployed. Both ease of use and high quality of communications and ease of deployment, make this solution very suitable for small and medium-sized organizations that want to organize their mobile and personal communications privately. It is also affordable to large organizations thanks to the scalability of the product.

Grupo Sanyres