Kurento will be in 4YFN at Barcelona

Kurento will be participating in 4YFN event that will be held in Barcelona on March  2nd, 3rd and 4th, thanks to the FI-Ware project.

This event is aimed to be a business platform for startups focused on innovation at mobility and digital ecosystem. It is part of the 3GSM Mobile World Congress.

Luis López, leader of Kurento project will have the opportunity to present Kurento as a substantial element of the FI-Ware platform for creating applications and services that features rich multimedia communications in real time. Both service person to person (P2P) application to person (A2P) services  and demonstrating the elements of the toolbox and Kurento capabilities including:

  • WebRTC Communications
  • IP cameras conectivity through RTSP
  • Group communications using models like MCU and SFU
  • Computer vision capabilities  through OpenCV integration
  • Augmeted reality capabilities
  • Media recording
  • etc.

You can find more information on this speech here: http://www.4yfn.com/activityDetail?id=480

We hope to see you at Barcelona!!!