Naeva Tec Innovative SME

The Spanish Goverment has granted the "Innovative SME" seal to Naeva Tec in recognition of our commitment to innovation and participation in R&D projects like Nubomedia, FIWARE, ElasTest, Lernim, etc. 

The "Innovative SME" seal was created in 2014 in response to the "European Research Area Comitee (ERAC) peer review of the Spanish REsearch and Innovation System" report from the European Commision, where it was remarked the small number of innovative SMEs in Spain. 


Innovation is part of our DNA. 

Naeva Tec has participated as technical partner in many European projects (FP7 and Horizon2020), as well as in RETOS program from the Spanish Goverment. We also bring the innovation to all our projects, we are in continuous formation and we keep ourselves updated in regard to the new technologies and methologies. This way we can offer our clients our knowledge to improve and make por eficient their infraestructures and applications. 

We are always open to collaborate in innovative projects, contact us!