ElasTest: Bring observability to your tests


Nowadays the required Software is more and more complex and interconnected with other software, and this makes the software difficult and costly to test. ElasTest disrupts in this challenging context with the objetive of improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the testing process, leading an improved quality of the final product, with a reduced TTM.

The project

ElasTest has been developed by an European consortium formed by Universities, Research Centres and companies – Naeva Tec included- funded by de European Commission within the Horizon2020 program. During 3 years the consortium has invested resources and time to have ready and runnning an innovative Testing Tool capable of being integrated in the most common Continuous Integration and Validation flows.

In order to achieve these objectives ElasTest was designed as a micro-service based tool running on containers that are launched and invoked on demand by a central brain. The tool offers a friendly GUI -Graphic User Interface- and a set of APIs to be invoked by scripts or other tools.

ElasTest offers:

Test Management

Build your testing environment with the tools offered by ElasTest. Easily connect all the components wherever they are and run your tests in a few clicks

Metrics monitoring

Get useful information from all your components.Every test, web browser, database, application… generates logs and consumes computing resources. And knowing when and how they change can give you a huge advantage as a tester

Any browser, Of any version

As testers we know how hard it is to ensure that our applications work properly in all browsers and version. ElasTest makes this an easy task

Log Analyser

A powerful tool for finding what yoy want in the vast flood of logs. Gathering logs is only the first step. None of this would make sense if you couldn’t dive into your logs with a powerful, intuitive and adaptative tool as ElasTest Log Analyser.

Jenkins Integration

ElasTEst and Jenkins work together! ElasTest provides a Jenkins plugin for you to use the platform in your CI environment. Thanks to this you can make use of some features provided by ElasTest, shch as log analysis or the use of on-demand browsers.

The technology

Our work

Within the ElasTest project we have:

  • Defined and set up the development and testing environment.
  • Maintained a 24/7 support service for the development and testing environment.
  • Lead the design, development and execution of the test plan for each component and of the ElasTest tool as a whole.
  • Validate each new release of the ElasTest with the latest stable version of the ElasTest itself.
  • Design, develop and execute specific test suites for web applications with video-communication features.

The most challenging task we have endured in the project has been using ElasTest to test ElasTest, we have found some issues, but if we are developing a testing tool, why not using it?!


Conclusion and lessons learnt

Working in a consortium like this has been enriching. All the partners have contributed their best to the project, and this have lead to a 100% ready tool for testing in different kind of projects and technologies such as 5G, webapps, web-conferences and applications. Also the research work done  in order to best use the state of the art tools and component and develop the most innovative ones has paid off in form of many research articles published.

In Naeva Tec we were already believers in test automation and QA processes, but we have been able to improve our internal processed and to add ElasTest to them so we could improve the observability of the tests and their results and reduce greatly the time needed to find the bugs. We have also detected that many companies can benefit of the improvements that ElasTest brings on the table so we are now offering our clientes or experience and know-how in QA, testing and ElasTest.


More about ElasTest…

You can find all the information about ElasTest in: https://elastest.io