NewGen Vidu: elastic, easy-to-use, privacy-respecting video conferencing platform


The NewGenVidu project, coordinated by the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) and the tech company Naevatec, aims to develop an elastic, easy-to-use and privacy-respecting video conferencing platform. The pandemic has made videoconferencing an indispensable tool in all aspects of life, and its proliferation has made it possible to identify different use cases that require platforms with slightly different components. That is why programmable video conferencing applications have become popular, so developers can include specific functionalities for each use case: education, commercial presentations, contract signing, telemedicine, etc.

New Generation of Open Vidu

NewGenVidu is considered an evolution of OpenVidu, a basic platform with some limitations, which is already being marketed internationally and has very good growth prospects if the improved proposals of this project are implemented. OpenVidu’s main areas of improvement are scalability and fault tolerance, ease of developing custom applications, and improvements in privacy and security.

Main Goals

NewGenVidu’s main objectives are the development of customized videoconferencing applications, based on the latest generation multimedia communication technologies, deployable in the cloud, elastic, tolerant of server faults and session management, easy to use, versatile and respectful of privacy. In addition, NewGenVidu seeks to improve the ease of use of the platform, finding a balance between the power of adaptation, its extension and ease of use.

Regarding privacy, it seeks to integrate end-to-end encryption and virtual funds, and provide a fine-grained authorization model that allows developers to model precisely what each participant in a call can do. Authentication is also very important, so it is sought to have an extensible system to be able to connect the platform to any authentication source.

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