Soporte integral

Infrastructure and IT systems are the backbone of businesses and organizations. For this reason, ensure reliability and availability of data is essential for any business.

Current IT systems and equipment consist of applications with a large number of components, which are integrated in highly distributed environments. The advancement of digital society, the new virtualization technologies and the continual introduction of technology to business processes make the system complexity grows explosively. Management support services requires a new paradigm based on automation and integrated processes, covering the cycle of failure, since the detection of the problem to the solution documentation. All implemented in an efficient manner that allows a cost reduction.

Based on the assumptions of effectiveness and cost efficiency Naeva Tec offers a comprehensive support service with the following characteristics:

  • Flexible service level, adjusted to customer needs. Naeva Tec can offer SLAs type 8x5 for non-critical support services during business hours and 24x7 to ensure continuity of critical services at any time of year.
  • Multi-stop shop. Allows client access support services across multiple media depending on the circumstances. The E-mail allows for quick and efficient management of non-urgent problems. The Web Portal provides access to the full record of activities and provides an overview of the support services
  • Automatic monitoring. A capture system and process models based on appropriate data, complemented with configurable rules probes allows focusing exclusively on failed components. Significantly reduces the time management systems and thereby support costs.
  • Comprehensive support, we take charge of the support of an entire system, from the physical hardware, operating system, database software to deployed applications. This allows us to address any anomaly from a global perspective that will allow us to conduct more rigorous diagnostic and achieve more satisfactory solutions.
  • Reports and service visibility. Naeva Tec makes available to its customers the use of tools to enable the Client to always know first-hand the state of any of the incidents. At the same time it can also offer the undertaking of periodic reports to the client where you can appreciate the service status and key KPI.