OpenVidu & OpenVidu PRO support service

We know OpenVidu & OpenVidu PRO like it was our own work ;)

24/7 & NBD SLAs

We provide a support service with both 24x7 and NBD (next business day) SLAs. These services are intended to maximize OpenVidu customer platform availability

Proactive and reactive monitoring

Periodic surveillance of OpenVidu platform health and evoultion and alarms setting to be informed of abnormal situations or internal failures that will alert our team to apply the most suitable corrective measures just in time.

Multichannel customer endpoints

In the case a customer detects any issue or wants to request a service, Naeva Tec provides different contact endpoints: web ticketing system, direct email to the technical team, 24/7 available telephon number, etc.

OpenVidu support by the OpenVidu mastermind.

Naeva Tec has the necessary experience to manage infrastructure support services and with the deep knowledge of the OpenVidu & OpenVidu PRO platforms places us in a privileged position to monitorise and maintain the OpenVidu and OpenVidu PRO platform.

Support Service

We offer an extraordinary support service with 24/7 and NBD -Next Business Day- SLAs, in order to maximise our clients OpenVidu platform availability. Our support team will monitorise proactively the platform and they will create the necessary alarms to be informed in real time of any issues or abnormal situations. This way the support team will be able to proceed with the corrective actions as soon as they are needed.

Our support service is based on these main elements:

  • Custom set of alarms. That will alert our OpenVidu experts, who in return will analyse and solve any detected problem.
  • Periodic surveillance of the monitoring system. To check the health and evolution of the platform.
  • Inmediate attention to client reported issues.  Naeva Tec provide their clients with different contact endpoints in case they detect any problem or abnormal situation.

Direct attention service

Naeva Tec offers at least 3 standard access points:

  • E-Mail address. To report issues or request services.
  • Web access to our ticketing system. Through this access point any customer’s authorized personnel can fill in service requests and also verify the progress of previous and on-course issues.
  • Phone access. 24/7 telephone where the customer can call or send SMS asking for service.

Independently of the service access point used, our team will provide a prompt answer to any service request, and will start procedures to serve them.

Monitoring system

Once obtained access to the client platform and taking into account the client specific use case for the OpenVidu platform as well as the achictecture used, our team will set up a series of custom alarms. This alarm system may be based on already existing monitoring tools that the client may have installed or in our own monitoring tool.

Available SLA example:

Reaction time
Resolution time
Level 1 (Critic)
  • Issues preventing bussines operations
  • Issues rendering the Application entirely
  • No workaround
4 hours
  • Temporal resolution: 24h
  • Permanent resolution: 7 days
Level 2 (Normal)
  • Issues affecting 1 or more functionalities
  • Reasonable workarround
24 hours
  • Permanent resolution: 7 days


Your OpenVidu platform in the best hands

Ask for all the support and maintenance options Naeva Tec can offer you regarding your OpenVidu platform.

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