Kurento Communicator is a private communications solution that puts in the hands of its users a tool to communicate with other users exchanging instant messages, files, photos, audio, videos. But with a key focus: privacy. Kurento Communicator is a solution that can be fully deployed on customer premises preventing any third party to access or unduly use the contents traveling among users. These contents are always under the control of the corporation, ensuring that only the participants in the conversation can access them and no third party has access to them.

Its applicability is in any environment where privacy of information is relevant as healthcare settings, security, defense, etc.. Kurento Communicatoris a highly scalable solution that allows large numbers of concurrent users and provides clients for most mobile devices: smartphone and tablet Android and iOS, and in the future tablets windows8.1

Naeva Tec provides this solution as a drop-down infrastructure and customer premises also as a completely controlled by the customer. Contact us for more information