The ElasTest project passed the European Commission’s review successfully!

All project partners were on July 18 in Brussels presenting the ElasTest project results and progress to a tribunal of three independent experts appointed by the European Commission and the Project Officer.

The objective of this review was to evaluate the project progress and to show all technical evolution and of course check on the administrative coordination of the first 18 months. For assessing the project, the three reviewers analysed all the public and private information related to the project.

We had a 8 hours evaluation meeting and we were able to show the progress made in research, innovation, DEMOs, exploitation plans, sustainability, and coordination issues of course were also presented. The most challenging part was to show the demonstration of the software developed by the different project partners: a one-hour session in which all the software artifacts were successfully demonstrated, and this was noted by the reviewers. Finally, after an initial deliberation, the reviewers communicated their decision to approve the project and congratulated the team! This mid-term review is a success from the point of view of the coordination and execution of the project.

The project is now focused on the second phase: once the initial platform has been developed is integrated and its up-and-running, most of our efforts will aim to dedicate to research and create a community of users around ElasTest.