The ElasTest project has passed the final Review in the European Commission in Brussels

The ElasTest project has passed the final Review in the European Comission in Brussels. This hasn’t been a surprise because the great job all partners realised during the whole project.

We achived all the objectives of the project and more realeasing an stable Open Source testing tool that provides in one single tool many desired features for testers for example: enhanced observabilty of logs and metrics, test orchestration, integration with testlink and jenkins, execution comparator, security testing, session recording, chaos testing, …

We in Naeva Tec are very proud of our work within the project where we have lead the Work Package 6 – Continous Integration and Validation and Task 7.5 – Demonstrator for multimedia communication services. We have provided the project with a very stable and professional set of tools and procedures that enabled component developers to test and release components in a agile way. Probably the most interesting and challenging task within the Work Package 6 has been setting ElasTest stable releases as part of the tools used for validating the new developments of ElasTest itself. So ElasTest has been tested by ElasTest! Also we have working hard for providing the project with a complete tool with multimedia for analysing the specific requirements for testing multimedia applications. With our work in this demosntrator we have helped ElasTest to provide features such as WebRTC metrics gathering and video session recording. So if you have an multimedia application now you can use ElasTest to test QoE for free.

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