Kurento 5: Maturity

Naeva Tec

At the end of last September Kurento version 5, the most innovative media server within the WebRTC community  was released. This version represents a quantum leap forwardboth on the basic features that were already provided by Kurento older versions  (like group communications, transcoding, recording) where great progress has been made in stability and functionality making Kurento an ideal solution for implementing WebRTC infrastructure services. But also in incorporating new features in Kurento and  projecting it into the future. New and powerful new features include::

  • A new WebSocket interface that has been incorporated and allows both simplifying the architecture of application services and also the incorporation of new types of Kurento Clients (Java, JavaScript, Node.JS). Making also possible to add new interfaces.
  • Improved WebRTC quality thanks to the use of innovative management techniques based on RTCP NACKsPlis and FIRs packets.
  • Kurento API. Service management and Kurento applications has been greatly simplified with this portable API for different programming languages
  •  Documentation has been completely revised making it a much more useful and easy to use tool. We have also added a number of tutorials that expose the simplicity kurent development services.

For Naeva Tec this new version is a significant milestone where we have invested a lot of effort, knowledge and experience, and with results that are worthwhile and certainly provide the strength, maturity and future that are the target of the Kurento project from its conception. In the near future, stay tuned for updates on where we continue the hard work to make Kurento a reference in Media Servers in the WebRTC landscape.