NaevaTec participates in the LERNIM project: web videoconference to innovate in the online language teaching

Naeva Tec

Naeva Tec participates in the LERNIM project: ATAWAD Platform for Language Learning through Advanced Interactive Multimedia Communication Technologies (RTC-2016-4674-7). The project’s main goal is:

“Create, demonstrate and validate LERNIM: a cloud technology platform that, through the use of state-of-the-art multimedia communication technologies, enables the provision of tele-language services adapted to the social interaction mechanisms of the WWW and allows to experiment new immersive tele-teaching models through new devices, augmented reality mechanisms and gestural interaction, and automatic mechanisms to evaluate learning.”

In this project Naevatec collaborates with two entities: New Oxland S.L. And the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos:

NewOxland S.L. is an SME focused on the business of teaching languages since 2003 and has a special motivation in innovation and the introduction of disruptive technologies that improve the service they provide and enable them to redefine the business of teaching languages to Through the Internet. Currently they market their services through the platform Oxbridge.

The Rey Juan Carlos University , specifically the Code URJC department with which Naeva Tec has been collaborating in several initiatives and technological projects for many years, mainly with the aim of constructing new disruptive technologies that can improve the way in which communication services between people are offered and application to person in the field of Internet and mobility. In that sense we have a history of collaborations for example in technologies around the WebRTC platform that is full of successes

The role of Naeva Tec in this project will be the development of mobility interfaces (Android and iOS) for access to multi-conference services developed by CodeURJC around OpenVidu. These interfaces will form the basis from which Newoxland will be able to customize to build its mobility applications that allow its users to access their offer of language teaching services from any mobile device within reach of the user: tablet, mobile, etc.

This project has a duration of three years (01/01/17 to 12/31/19) and is being financed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness through the State Research Agency and the European Regional Development Fund ERDF With the aim of “ Promoting technological development, innovation and quality research “.